The “Red Button” service provides operational control of access to your data via Telegram and Viber instant messengers.

Our developers have implemented this service based on your ideas and suggestions - for which we are very grateful to you, our customers.


What is it for?

Without special knowledge of administration or using any programs, physical access to the server or consoles, simply by sending a message through your smartphone, the administrator can independently restrict physical access to data, while the data will not be damaged!


How it works?

Follow two simple steps to activate a service that allows you to control access to your server using a regular smartphone.

As soon as you send the “Key phrase” to us through the messenger, your server environment will be blocked for several seconds!

Warning: do not forget to set aside “Key phrase” to unlock


Who can use it and how?

The service can be used by any of our clients who have an active virtual and / or dedicated server service.

You will find access to the service by going to the client’s personal menu in the “Red Button” item.

 Next, follow the simple activation instructions.


How much does this service cost?

This service is completely free.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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